This is what distinguishes our daily business:

  • Compliance with the smallest tolerances regarding dimensions and the shape and positional tolerances (e.g. in the automotive sector)
  • Pressing of highly complex profiles shunned by other pressing plants (e.g. in mechanical engineering)
  • Production of components with high demands on surface quality (e.g. profiles for furniture with large visible surfaces, which are chrome-plated)
  • Economical production even of small batches
  • Packaging of components according to customer requirements for safe transport
  • Recognition for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, resource-efficient technologies, and recycling initiatives aimed at reducing the ecological footprint.

Our core competences

Aluminum is light and resistant, as well as flexible and ductile, which makes it one of the highest quality and most versatile materials on the market. At Exlabesa we have the experience, knowledge and technology necessary to shape everything you can imagine through aluminum.

High value industrial components

We develop and manufacture bespoke solutions in aluminum for the most demanding industrial applications.

Complete aluminum cycle

We complete the entire aluminum production cycle to offer you fully finished profiles with maximum added value.

Transparent processes

Thanks to real-time monitoring of all our production processes, we guarantee complete traceability of our aluminium profiles.

Contact us

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